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Searching The Perfect Type Of Weave

Searching The Perfect Type Of Weave

Weaves are a great way for people to get thick, full hair in a color and style they prefer, even if they were not born with that kind of hair. When searching for the type of weave to get, consider the color and length of the natural hair, the variety of styles available in that type of hair, and whether synthetic or human hair is desired. Synthetic hair is less expensive to purchase at first, but is not as durable as human hair, and does not look as natural. Human hair costs more in the beginning but is more cost-effective long-term. That decision will depend on personal budgets.

If natural hair is longer, more hair will be needed to complete a weave, and some styles may not look good. A deep style of brazilian curly hair, for example, looks best at shorter lengths. Other curly styles, such as kinky or "Afro" hair bundles looks great in longer lengths. The color of the hair is a consideration as well. If the color desired does not match the natural hair, that hair will have to be processed before the weave is applied. Some types of human hair are only available in limited styles. Indian hair is available in straight, body, and deep wave styles only. Malaysian hair only has three styles as well. Peruvian hair is available in six styles online, and brazilian hair is available in seven styles. A brazilian weave ca be purchased online at discounted pricing in straight, natural, body, and deep wave, and deep, kinky, and "Afro" curl styles.

Maintenance is easy for most types of hair, although it does increase the more processed the hair is before it is applied. Curl definers, for example, may be needed to keep waves and curls looking bouncy and full. Some salons will allow customers to bring in hair purchased from an outside source, and some will not. Always check before making an appointment. Purchasing hair from the salon, and having it applied there, can be very expensive. Another option is to have the weave applied at home. Weaves purchased online come with step by step detailed instructions for application. Weaves are applied close to the scalp, so they need to be taken out and re-applied every couple of months. That can really add to salon costs throughout the year. Applying a weave, or having a friend apply the weave at home, can save a lot of money.

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